Monday, August 13, 2012

Travel Day - Eagle River to Mantanuska Glacier St. Pk.

We left Eagle River today headed east on the scary Glen Highway. The only thing scary about it is the heights. I don't like heights any way you look at them. But if you RV in places that have mountains, you will have high places to drive. I just look at the yellow and white lines and not at the scenery. I do the photo ops at the pull outs and parking places and enjoy that part of the trip. But I don't like looking up at the side of a mountain that is 4 or 5 lanes away from me and I have to lean back and see the 'near top'. It makes me dizzy and other things......!! Having said all that! Look at what we saw today.

We drove over to the Mantanuska Glacier State Park and then drove back to do some geocaching and then back to the glacier overlook and to the Glacier Park to talk about the ticket to make the walk out.

Those two photos above are where this little airplane was flying towards. Neat, huh?

A geocache site.

This is Long Lake (one of many with that name). It has a geocache but you have to have your kayak/canoe to cash it in.

Trail at the park with the aspen.

You would be all twisted, too, if you had porcupines eating on your bark!

Should have bears with the berries.

Foxtail grass?

Is it Cotton plant or dandelions?

Lupines are still a blooming in the high spots!!

Color says fall is just around the corner.

The road we take tomorrow to get to the glacier!

There she is, doing one of her best things - hiking!!! and in the sun!

Tomorrow we drive to within 1/4 mile of the glacier and then we can either do a 'tour' or walk by ourselves. We have decided that we will self-direct.


  1. Some really great photos on here. I'm not much for heights either. Don't mind looking up at the mountains but looking down at empty space is spooky. The picture of Liz hiking would make a neat picture for her RV if blown up a bit and maybe cropped a bit. It was neat looking back at your two RVs parked there too.

  2. Hike away. David doing better.