Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kennecott and McCarthy–Part 3

The McCarthy town site is quaint (my word). It was probably the rowdy town ‘across the tracks’ back in the day. It is by today’s road, 4.5 miles from Kennecott. However, back then there was another trail (road) and I think it was the mule trail or some such but is labeled ‘The Wagon Trail to McCarthy’. It was reported to be shorter distance. Vehicles and mules can travel different terrain you know.

Currently, one of the restaurants in McCarthy is supposed to be well known for it’s food. That is Ma Johnson’s restaurant and hotel. The restoration for McCarthy is being done by individuals for profit, mostly.

The main street is most of what you see, but if you look down the side streets you can see small cottages that are occupied. It reminds me of a hippy commune. There appear to be more folks living here and I would imagine many of the work ‘up there’.

It’s a long way to anywhere for supplies. If you were to over winter here, and I am sure some do, you would have to bring most of your supplies in before the deep snow settled and then your way out and back in would be governed by the snow and your dogs or snow mobile. However, the closes gasoline is at Chitina which is going to be about 40-45 miles away. The day after we passed thru Chitina they were out of gasoline!!!! Now that would be tough and probably was for those folks in their cars and RV’s that were planning on getting some gas to get on down the road. I’d imagine that the folks who live there permanently have most of the routine down by now. Except for last year when they had record snows and the supplies couldn’t get in.

Loved this sign entering McCarthy.

This was a fun and interesting trip. I'd do it again. Let someone else do the driving.

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  1. Can't imagine being stuck out there in the winter. Great place to visit in the summer though.