Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rock Glacier Hike

The hike up Rock Glacier was awesome!!!  This was another gorgeous day just made for hiking.

A little information about Rock Glacier and rock glacier forming. I showed you one over at Manatansuka Glacier area.

A long time ago this is what it looked like.


The trail is so well done and maintained that even an oldie can climb it. The sights are so fantastic.

The different rocks are quite interesting. I noted that they are sharp and not rounded. Not sure why, but I thought they would be rounded. They can bruise your feet thru your hiking boots!

That is Dezadeash Lake (Yes I know that spelling is not correct but there is not any brochures available at any of these campgrounds or hiking trails that provide you with carry away information. That really isn't good because you don't have copies of the trails or where you are going. Yes, that can be a problem.) Great views all around.

Fall is in the air.
This is side way.
This is up. 

Our thanks to these guys. What a great job!

This was fun. Tomorrow we attack the King’s Throne at Kathleen Lake.

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  1. Those rocks really are sharp. Falling on them would require more than a little band-aid strip. It seems the CCC did wonderful work everywhere. Nowadays, the govt just hands out welfare checks.