Sunday, August 12, 2012

Work Day

Today was the day for laundry and other housework. We found a nice laundromat when we were in town yesterday. It was reasonably priced, had an attendant and we were thru in two hours! I was the hold up as some of my heavy things were slow to dry. But I did use one of the centrifugal machines on my towels. It really made a difference. Should have used it on my jeans and sweats!!

Got the floors mopped and the carpet vacuumed.

Came back and after lunch we took a walk to find the geocaches we missed earlier this week. Yeah!! We were successful in find two more. I picked up a travel bug and will take it to a warmer climate.

Had dinner and now I need to wash dishes and break down for hitting the road tomorrow.

We will be headed east - ultimate destination is Valdez. Ready to mosey. Hope you come along.

1 comment:

  1. How nice to be able to do all your laundry and clean your house and be done by noon. What's a travel bug? I thought for a minute there you were sick.