Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inside Passage–Haines to Juneau–Day 1

We left the campground for the Ferry about 8:30.  

We viewed our campground on the way by as well as Fort Seward and the city of Haines. Great little town and I’d definitely come back.


  That away to Skagway (bear right) and to the end of the bay and the State Park and bear viewing area.

  We spent a lot of time watching the birds as they both followed the boat and moved out of the way of the boat. The docks for the towns and cities and normally quite a way from the town. Could be anywhere from 4-8 miles away. So you either have to have a taxi and make sure they get you back on time or you just walk locally for sight seeing. the AKMHS waits for no one!   Looking back, right and left side of the boat.

  This is the “cabin” on the Inside Passage. Watch as it develops.

  Just some of the scenery.

  Another nice glacier!!

  This glacier means we are getting closer to Juneau.
  Spouts in the water….check it out. Liz has much better pics.

  Yep it is Juneau.
  A little boat in the harbor. It is private and “parked” in a special spot.
  Our first stop was scheduled for Juneau mid-afternoon. We were late and only had a couple of hours for our stop. We elected to walk up the highway for a little ways. We met a couple that told us about a stream and spawning salmon and Bald Eagles. They also said that there were Golden Eagles, but they were actually immature (HY-hatch year) Bald Eagles. Mom and Dad were teaching them to catch fish in the stream. That was fun to watch as they would walk out into the stream and touch the fish with their feet and then jump back.   On the way down and little ID.
  The eagles get priority for the show. Here is Dad.
  This is mom and two of the three young. I think one is a HY and the other is 3rd year – but I have been wrong before. The third young is around somewhere.
  Young caught a fish and was dragging it to the shore for eating.  

Here it is kind of looking at everyone around, ravens, gulls, and people and asking the question – so what?

Kayakers in the bay!

The Salmon were, of course, in the throes of final life as they spawned and then you could see them a little bit at a time, just floating backwards with no attempt to go forward any more. Then they would just flip and flop and die.   Salmon has second priority for photos though this all happened at the same time.

Really!! They look like this!
  We made it back to the ship in time to go to dinner on board. Then we were back out and watching the receding shoreline and the birds.  We retired to our cabin and made a night of it.



  1. Love the boat trip, the cabin, the eagles, the fish. Great photos!

  2. Enjoyed the show all over again.