Saturday, August 11, 2012

Geocaching and goodbyes

Liz and I gave Nancy an introduction to geocaching. Today we thought we would have time for a couple of pickups so we started out. I took the GPS first and we showed Nancy how it worked. She was intrigued and it was fun. We found the first one easily and the second one was a little tougher. The third one was easier. The fourth one we struck out on and the final one we picked up fairly easily.

So now Nancy has something to look forward to doing with her grandson and granddaughter.

This afternoon we took her to the airport to catch her flight back to Arizona. It will be a really long day for her about 16 hours total time at the airport and in the air. I talked with her to see how she was fairing at the Anchorage Airport and she said she was glad we were early as there were a lot of people check boxes of fish at the counter!!!! Took her over 40 minutes to get her luggage checked in and a boarding pass. Bet she was glad she didn't have fish to worry about.

Liz and I came back and each got a bad haircut. Hey, it is just hair and it'll grow!! Roll with the cut!

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  1. What??? No hair shots??? Maybe in Liz's blog. I bet you are going to miss your friend Red. Glad she got to travel with you a ways.