Saturday, August 11, 2012

Geocaching and birding - great duo

While I told you about taking Nancy to the airport, I didn't tell you about our fun the morning before she took off.

We decided to do a little hiking and geocaching. Maybe that is geocaching and hiking. Doesn't matter as we did both. As usual, I never go do either of those activities without my camera or my binoculars. Just never know when you might want one or the other, or perhaps both. This was a double day.

We walked the first easy trail, so to speak as it was mostly gravel and it went a long way up the mountain to the ridge. Just where we thought it would go.

A couple of little houses on the way up.

Some fungi on a tree at the ridge top.

At the said ridge top, we decided we had gone the 'wrong' way and needed to go back down and around to the other side. Yep, we go down. Find the other trail up and hike up to the ridge. 

Nice view here and look at all the wildflowers on the ridge.

Mushroom feeding a fly.

We collected our geocaches and left out booty and started back to the campground.  On the way down, Nancy calls me about a bird she sees. I thought she mean a dead bird on the side of the road, but no! See what she picked up for us.

What a great ending for her. Learned about geocaching and picked up a new life bird for her. Great job, my friend, you are the Best!!

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  1. I can't believe you didn't tell us what the bird is? Sounds like a fun day.