Friday, August 3, 2012

Eagle River, AK - Campground and hiking trip

We made our way to Eagle River, AK for a couple of nights. We stayed one night at Fred Meyer grocery store. This was really a nice store and the shopping for fresh fruits and veggies was great. We relocated to the Eagle River State Park campground.

This is a nice campground with lots of neat trails. Here is Liz traipsing along Eagle River.

This is a bear trap for humans. Just hoping one falls down and breaks a leg so he can meander down and pick them up one at a time.

Interesting log.

Puffball toadstools or mushrooms or whatever.
You could not have asked for a better day for a hike.

Some more berries.

Later that afternoon, we journeyed on to Eagle River Nature Center. The drive out to the Nature Center was quite interesting. Some of the sights were mountains snowed sprinkled and green ones, a river running thru the valley and a nice little Vette running down the road.

Once out at the Nature center, we did a hike around Albert's loop. Nice photo ops out there.

Fall is coming as the leaves are turning and the fireweed is getting some red in the leaves.

We had a great time. Ran out of hiking time.

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  1. Great pictures Birdie. You mentioned fall arriving which is hard to believe when it is well over 100 degrees here every day.